5 creative pictures in the snow

Winter is a perfect time to make photography. Snow is around, landscapes are totaly changed and sometimes look only black and white.
Take advantage of the special light and ambience to capture mind blowing photographies.

1 – Black & White natural effect

This image is in real colors… But look black & white… Snow and cloudy sky, I stood under the trees, and the shade of them was strong enough to produce this dark tone. This a real life white and black scene!

2 – Winter picture by night

By night pictures are always interesting when they are successful.
It take some time and several tries before to get enough light but not too much… Then you can capture the beautiful of the snowflakes, and the details are mind blowing. Here is an example of the pristine state of the fresh snow, seen by night…

3 – Snowflakes and sun

When you have the chance to see snowflakes dancing in the sky and having at the same time a ray of sun, it sounds special! Thousands of flakes flying in the air, like butterflies… Find the right angle and take a picture with a really short exposure time to freeze the snowflakes in the air!

4 – Footprint in the fresh snow

When there is enough snow, each one of your foot leave a deep and pristine track in the fresh snow! You can tell a whole story just by picturing a path in the snow… Where the tracks come from, where do they go…

5 – Contrast between snowy scene and green landscape

You’ll be able to capture this moment mostly over spring, when snow is still present in hight altitude and in the meantime, in the valley, fields trees and flowers are getting greener and more colorfull.

It gives a lot of power to your picture to oppose colors and white.

There are so many ways to be creative with snow, and for sure these 5 pictures are just an example of what you can explore while you have the opportunity to be in the snow. Creativity will come naturaly just by observing what’s happening around you… Snow is living each second and scenary changes so fast when covered of its white cap… Enjoy it and relax 🙂